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A Skilled Arborist Can Help Your Trees Live a Long Life

arborist cutting branch with saw

Trimming your trees in the heat of summer may be a wise choice, depending on the species of tree. Any tree that has suffered storm damage or that is loaded with broken branches will likely need some attention. To make sure that your tree gets the trimming it needs at the best time, you need […]

Tips for Effective Tree Trimming

woman cutting tree branch

If you have trees on your property that could use some attention, you may be tempted to pull out the trimmers and start removing some branches. When done correctly, this can lead to remarkable results, allowing your trees to flourish. Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to trim their trees in a way that can actually harm […]

7 Fun Facts About Your Favorite Fruit Trees

Hand picking an apple from an apple-tree. Isolated on a white background

Fruits such as apples, peaches, and pears are delicious and healthy to eat. It’s always good to find out something about their history, their ecology, and how they get from the orchard to your kitchen. Here are some amazing things to know about fruit trees. 1. Apples Aren’t From America Though lots of people think […]

Five Tips for Pruning Trees Safely

garden work in spring, cutting a tree

Pruning is the process of removing portions of the tree that may be diseased or decaying to prevent the rest of the tree from being negatively impacted. Pruning also improves circulation and helps trees to receive more nutrients. There are five tips arborists follow to prune trees safely. 1. Prune Tree Branches During the Correct […]

4 Signs Your Tree Is Sick

Dangers of Having Dead Trees in Your Yard

Trees get sick just as humans do. According to arborists, several factors can make a tree sick. These include environmental changes, physical damage, and pest infestations. Unfortunately, most homeowners find it hard to tell whether a tree is seriously ill. For this reason, we’ve come up with the following signs of a sick or dying […]

Tips for Proper Winter Tree Care

Professional gardener pruning a tree

Winter is a great time to give your trees some extra TLC. They are dormant and can handle some extra attention. Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your trees stay healthy throughout the winter season. Prune and Remove Dead Branches or Limbs Pruning your tree in the winter helps promote healthy growth and […]

3 Reasons Why Soil Aeration Is Important for Your Trees

Soil Aeration for Trees

Also known as soil de-compaction, soil aeration is one of the most important and healthiest tree treatments. Soil compaction is a major issue in urban areas, and it is a major contributor to tree decline. That is why homeowners are encouraged to consider soil aeration. The following are the reasons why soil aeration is important […]

Four Reasons You Need to Let a Professional Trim Your Trees

professional cutting, arborist pruning, cutting back, removing leafless bare mature branches safely. tree surgeon working using old chainsaw, hanging on multiple ropes, equipment. autumn cloudy

Trees make any Wilmington, NC home look even look better. When the seasons change, it’s time to make sure your trees are ready to handle the new weather. Trimming your trees can help them stay free of disease and endure falling temperatures. Working closely with a professional can ensure you’re taking the best possible care […]

Why You Should Have an Arborist Take Care of Your Trimming and Pruning

Lumberjack with saw and harness climbing a tree

With our warm climate in Wilmington, we’re fortunate to have many beautiful trees on our properties. Some trees, like the river birch or the bald cypress, naturally grow here, while others were brought in from other areas. Whatever types of trees you may have, you’ll want to keep them trimmed and pruned so that they […]

Great Tips to Keep Your Trees Healthy

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One of the best things about living in Wilmington, NC is the city’s mild climate. Take a walk along the Riverwalk and enjoy the incredible ocean views. Your home’s landscaping is a fabulous way to show off your love of the natural world. Here’s how to ensure the trees on your property always look equally […]