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With a fourth-generation tree climber and master arborist at the helm, A+ Tree & Landscaping is proud to be the veteran-owned and family operated tree service company known for serving Brunswick County. Our company has enjoyed the honor of serving the community for over 30 years, and we appreciate the continued support of our business and passion for horticulturally based tree care. Our goal is always to offer our customers expert information and options to make well-informed choices about tree services, including disease diagnosis, treatment, tree removal, and storm preparation pruning. Call us at (910) 507-7273 for a free price estimate or 24/7 emergency tree service for your home or commercial property.

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Professionalism and dependability are the cornerstones of A+ Tree & Landscaping. We know that our customers are placing their trust in our expertise and knowledge when caring for their trees. And as such, we pledge always to provide the highest level of tree care based on industry best practices and our decades in the tree care business. Our exceptional tree services include:

Every tree removal is slightly unique. And as such, the pros at A+ Tree & Landscaping rely on decades of expertise and attention to every detail to ensure each tree is removed without any issues or damage to our customer’s property. From the safety equipment and techniques we use to the evaluation of the tree’s health and structural integrity before we begin the removal, our focus is on getting the job done correctly to eliminate the stress and safety concerns the tree is creating for our customers. Please call us at (910) 507-7273 if you are worried about the safety or health of a tree that might need to be removed. Our arborist will help you make the right choice for your landscape and the safety of your home and property.

Properly trimming and pruning trees require years of experience and education in each variety of trees’ structure and growth pattern. At A+ Tree & Landscaping, we rely on our master arborist to ensure that each team member is well educated and trained to ensure we are providing the ideal trimming services for each tree on your property. While we assure you that your trees will look fabulous when we complete our trimming, the benefits go far beyond appearance. Our goal is to increase each tree’s overall health, stability, and longevity with professional trimming and pruning. This intensive process will benefit every tree, young or mature, while reducing damage from storms and potential safety hazards from tree debris.

The experts at A+ Tree & Landscaping want to help each property manager or owner increase the beauty and value of their property with customized commercial tree services. Our certified arborist will evaluate your trees and provide guidance on the services and care that will most enhance the beauty of your trees and their health. Following this plan will help reduce damage to your trees, costly emergency visits, and potential safety hazards on your property, all while adding to the visual appeal and impeccable first impressions made by your property.

Preparing your trees to face the harsh wind and weather from a typical storm to a hurricane is vital to eliminating costly storm damage. Unfortunately, unlike trees in a forest or natural setting, trees placed in landscapes have little protection from the brutal force of wind and storms. The only precaution you can provide is professional thinning and pruning from A+ Tree & Landscaping experts. Our proven techniques will allow the force of the wind to pass through the canopy of the tree rather than hammering against it to create damage or force the tree to the ground. In addition, if your trees have not been prepared for a storm, we offer storm damage cleanup and corrective trimming to mitigate the damaged branches and remove the tree debris from your property.

When a tree falls during a storm or is severely diseased, you worry about the potential for injuries to your loved ones and damage to your home. And waiting for a tree care service for days makes the situation almost unbearable. However, when you call (910) 507-7273 with a tree emergency, our teams are ready to respond 24/7 to eliminate the hazard and your stress. From an emergency tree removal to clearing away tree debris blocking access to your home or commercial building, the A+ Tree & Landscaping team is ready to help with reliable service at reasonable prices.

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For over three decades, family-owned and operated A+ Tree And Landscape has served the Brunswick County community and the surrounding region. Our dedication to providing the highest quality tree and landscape services at fair prices has earned us the reputation as the hometown company to call for all your tree and landscape projects.

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