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Soil Aeration for Trees

3 Reasons Why Soil Aeration Is Important for Your Trees

Also known as soil de-compaction, soil aeration is one of the most important and healthiest tree treatments. Soil compaction is a major issue in urban areas, and it is a major contributor to tree decline. That is why homeowners are encouraged to consider soil aeration. The following are the reasons why soil aeration is important for your tree.

1. Encourages the Growth of Microorganisms

The soil around tree roots, especially in urban or suburban areas, often tends to be compacted. This denies microorganisms the room to thrive and helps provide nutrients. With a poor supply of nutrients, your trees are unlikely to have good health. Soil aeration comes in handy here by making sure the soil goes back to its natural state, which is full of nutrients.

It achieves that by allowing microorganisms to develop. Working with a reputable tree service company to improve soil aeration is highly recommended. That is because a professional tree company knows exactly what to do. There are even cases where professionals can advise you to consider vertical mulching to help improve soil aeration in your yard.

2. Allows More Pore Space (Porosity)

According to scientific studies, the soil existing in the natural forest environment boasts 50% pore space for moisture and oxygen. You get a totally different picture when you inspect the soil in suburban and urban environments. Its pore space is just 10%, which is definitely not good for the health of your tree. In fact, the low pore space percentage is thought to lead to an increase in tree mortality.

Soil aeration is badly needed in this case because it allows more pore space by breaking up compaction, and more pore space means your trees will get optimum oxygen and moisture. More pore space also plays a role in turning your yard into a more natural environment where plants can thrive.

3. Allows Water to Penetrate the Soil

Homeowners will start to worry about drought when it takes longer than usual to rain. Nevertheless, your trees can experience drought even during normal weather conditions. This is often due to heavy soil compaction that makes the first layer of soil so hard that the rainwater cannot pass through it. The result is a very little amount of water getting to the root system of your trees.

Soil aeration gets rid of the hard top layer by breaking up the soil. By so doing, aeration ensures that water penetrates the soil and gets to the roots of your trees. This makes trees look green and healthy in the long run. It also makes it easy to care for them since, in most cases, they will be able to utilize the water they get.

Soil aeration also has other benefits, such as controlling diseases and insects as well as managing the formation of toxic chemicals. It is always important that you have a reputable tree service company help you improve the aeration in your landscape.

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