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Why You Should Have an Arborist Take Care of Your Trimming and Pruning

With our warm climate in Wilmington, we’re fortunate to have many beautiful trees on our properties. Some trees, like the river birch or the bald cypress, naturally grow here, while others were brought in from other areas. Whatever types of trees you may have, you’ll want to keep them trimmed and pruned so that they can continue to thrive. It’s important to be precise and methodical when doing this type of work, which can be dangerous. That’s why you’ll want to have a professional arborist taking care of the job.

Keeps You Safe

When it’s time to trim or prune a tree, it may seem easy. All you might have to do is make a few cuts. However, what some people don’t realize is that making those cuts can be risky. Tree work is associated with an increased risk of injury compared with other landscaping and home maintenance activities.

With that in mind, you’ll want to be very safe. Tree branches are extremely heavy, and you can’t exactly predict how they will fall. Cutting implements could also hurt you. If you have to climb a ladder or the tree itself, the risk of falling adds more danger. Further, if any trees are close to a structure, you have to ensure that no damage is inflicted.

The Right Equipment

It takes sharp tools and sometimes powerful machinery to handle pruning, especially when dealing with mature trees. At A+ Tree & Landscaping, we have the equipment necessary to do everything from shaping a fruit tree to pruning those massive oak trees that are known to do well in Wilmington. Using the wrong tools can be dangerous, both for you and the tree.

Cutting in the Proper Spots

A trained professional will know what to do to keep trees around Wilmington healthy and strong. Our arborists know which season is best to prune local trees, and we know which techniques will promote new growth.

When people do their own work, there’s sometimes a tendency to over-prune. Over-pruning can weaken a tree, making it harder to withstand some of our big storms. Pruning in the wrong place or at the wrong time of year can make it difficult for a tree to heal from the damage.

Alternatively, under pruning can be problematic when addressing diseased or damaged trees. You’ll want to make sure that the diseased or damaged areas are removed so that the rest of the tree has a chance to recover. We can use our trained eyes to assess what’s going on.

Let A+ Tree & Landscaping assist you with your tree trimming and pruning. This will keep you safe, protect your property, and make sure your trees are handled properly. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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