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Five Tips for Pruning Trees Safely

Pruning is the process of removing portions of the tree that may be diseased or decaying to prevent the rest of the tree from being negatively impacted. Pruning also improves circulation and helps trees to receive more nutrients. There are five tips arborists follow to prune trees safely.

1. Prune Tree Branches During the Correct Time of Year

Arborists will wait to prune most trees during their dormant season. For most trees, winter is the time when they are dormant. When trees are pruned while they are dormant, this gives time for wounds to heal. Arborists will trim trees when it’s not their dormant season when there’s a hazard.

The size of the branch also matters when deciding which ones to prune. Arborists will prune branches less than 5 centimeters in diameter and may trim branches up to 10 centimeters in diameter. The only time arborists will trim branches over 10 centimeters in diameter is when there’s a reason, such as a hazard or illness.

2. Not Trimming Branches Close Together

When pruning, arborists make sure the branches aren’t trimmed close together. Trimming branches too close together may injure your tree and allow slower healing.

3. Crown Thinning and Raising

Crown thinning is a common tactic when trimming a tree. While thinning the crown, arborists will not remove more than a quarter of the living branches. The first branches to be pruned are those that run against or cross over others. Arborists will protect young trees by evenly spacing the lateral branches. Raising the crown of your trees allows people to walk by easier. Sometimes arborists will raise the crown of trees that block road signs.

4. Crown Reduction

Reducing the crown of a tree may be necessary for the tree’s health. Sometimes, the crown of a tree will need to be thinned to prevent the spread of infection from disease. Crown thinning is also necessary to remove dead parts of the tree to enable it to grow successfully.

5. Be Careful When Pruning Near Power Lines

When pruning, arborists take care to be careful when pruning trees near power lines. When trees are too close to power lines or utility poles, arborists will involve the power company.

Pruning your trees incorrectly can be dangerous which is why it is beneficial to hire a professional to do the job. A licensed arborist has special tools and protective gear that he or she wars to avoid injury as well as years of training. If you need pruning or trimming in Wilmington, NC, call us at A+ Tree & Landscaping to schedule an appointment today.

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