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Tree Company In Wilmington, NC

When residents need an expert tree service company in Wilmington, they know that A+ Tree & Landscaping is the hometown company to select. For over 30 years, this company has been led by a 4th generation tree climber and master arborist. The only thing more important to this team of professionals than expert tree care is the level of customer satisfaction. So when you need exceptional Wilmington tree service, call (910) 507-7273 for a free price estimate from the A+ Tree & Landscaping team.
Many homeowners will delay having a declining, or diseased tree removed because they are concerned about the cost of the service. Unfortunately, many of these same homeowners then face added expenses when the tree falls and damages their home or drops significant debris on their roof or vehicle. At A+ Tree & Landscaping, we want customers in Wilmington to know that we provide the highest quality services, including tree removal, at very reasonable prices. Please call (910) 507-7273 at the first sign of a hazardous tree for an evaluation from our licensed master arborist.
The art of proper tree trimming requires years of education and hands-on experience to master. In the case of the A+ Tree & Landscaping master arborist, he continues to study the latest tree care practices and techniques to ensure that our teams provide the most benefit possible for our customer’s tree care investment in trimming and pruning. From thinning and shaping to removing malformed growth, each tree is trimmed to increase its overall health, appearance, and longevity.
As a full-service tree company, A+ Tree & Landscaping wants to partner with commercial property managers and owners to help them increase the value and visual appeal of their properties. Our expert services will ensure that your trees look their best and help make a great first impression on your guest, customers, or tenants. In addition, our service practices help reduce your tree care budget by decreasing storm damage and costly tree removals due to disease or pest infestation.
Seeing your property littered with tree debris after a storm or hurricane is disheartening. And it is even more upsetting to think that the damage could substantially shorten the tree’s life expectancy. However, the pros at A+ Tree & Landscaping will do our best to salvage any trees damaged by heavy storms or wind. In addition, we will remove all the debris and potential safety hazards from the property and provide you with a free estimate for storm preparation to prevent future damage and expenses.
When you have a damaged or fallen tree, the A+ Tree & Landscaping team is here 24/7. We offer emergency tree and storm damage removal to prevent debris from falling on your roof or blocking your driveway or street. And as with all of our services, we provide a free price estimate and our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee for every service we offer. Call us at (910) 507-7273 and know that our team will arrive quickly to eliminate any tree hazards on your property.

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