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Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Tree Trimming & Pruning In Wilmington

Most homeowners overlook the most crucial service they can provide for their trees, professional trimming, and pruning. Instead, they tend to lop off a stray branch or two each time they become unruly and block access to a sidewalk or gate. Unfortunately, this neglect is simply due to a lack of understanding of the needs and health of their trees. The team at A+ Tree & Landscaping, led by an arborist with over three decades of tree care experience, would like to help homeowners better understand tree structure, growth, and the need for expert Wilmington tree trimming and pruning. Please call (910) 507-7273 for a free price estimate from the leading tree trimming company in Wilmington, A+ Tree & Landscaping.

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The Priceless Value Of Expert Tree Trimming In Wilmington

While you might only think of the visual benefits of tree trimming, the horticultural experts at A+ Tree & Landscaping are eager to explain the many added benefits of proper tree trimming to homeowners. This essential care mimics the processes and growth a tree would experience in a natural setting rather than a controlled environment like your yard. These advantages include:

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Getting Trees Off To A Good Start

Many homeowners also believe that professional Wilmington tree pruning is only needed once a tree is too large for them to care for as a DIY project. However, it is vital to understand that a young tree needs expert care as much or even more than a mature tree. The shape and growth of that small tree will be the foundation that the larger tree will rely on for many decades. So a small tree with deformed growth or stability issues will only worsen and grow into a tree with safety and health concerns for its entire lifetime. In addition, that life expectancy will be significantly shorter than a tree that received proper care when smaller. So call A+ Tree & Landscaping at (910) 507-7273 today to begin a tree care plan for all your trees to ensure a long and healthy life and added value to your property.

The Advantage Of A Small Investment Today

Investing a small amount in professional Wilmington tree trimming today can prevent many costly visits for tree removal and other storm damage issues in the future. Professionally thinned and trimmed trees will allow powerful hurricane winds to pass through the canopy without damaging the tree or pushing it over. A call to (910) 507-7273 is an investment in your trees, the beauty of your property, and financial savings for many years to come. And thanks to the A+ Tree & Landscaping 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, you know that we will not leave until your trees look fantastic and are ready to face the next big storm blowing through Wilmington.