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Broken tree in yard

3 Reasons to Call for Emergency Tree Service

Emergency tree service can prevent property damage and injuries and help keep your landscape beautiful. If there are trees on your property, you should pay attention to the issues mentioned below to determine whether you need to call for emergency service.

1. Your Tree Is Seriously Leaning

When a tree near your home is leaning more than 15% from the vertical, do not hesitate to call a professional tree care company. A tree often leans when its roots are weak, and this may pose danger in more ways than you’ve imagined, especially if it is located near a building.

When you call a professional, they will determine if the leaning tree poses a safety risk. If this turns out to be the case, the professionals will move in swiftly and use the right equipment to fix the issue before it can cause injuries to people or damage to nearby structures.

2. The Trunk of Your Tree Is Severely Damaged

If you notice your tree has significant damage to its trunk, contact your local arborist as soon as possible. A tree trunk is considered seriously compromised when it has large cavities or a lot of missing bark. Cavities in a trunk can compromise the structure of a tree, making it fall unexpectedly.

This is an even worse prospect when the tree is near a building where it can harm individuals or cause extensive property damage. Cavities can also create an ideal environment for diseases and pests to thrive and spread, resulting in the death of this tree and potentially others. An arborist will assess trees with damaged trunks to determine whether tree removal is needed.

3. The Roots of Your Tree Are Exposed

Do not overlook trees with exposed roots. When the roots of a tree are visible above the ground, the stability of the organism is threatened. This may be due to windstorm damage, improper planting, or soil erosion. Tree roots can also lift patio stones, cause cracks in driveways, and make walkways dangerous due to tripping.

Exposed roots tend to be weak and may fail to anchor the tree properly, allowing it to fall without warning. When you notice this problem, call in a professional arborist to mitigate the risk or eliminate it.

Trees have numerous benefits, including providing shade, acting as windbreaks, and improving the curb appeal of your home. However, there are instances when a tree can pose risks, and this is when you should call for emergency tree service. An experienced tree care professional has the knowledge and the right equipment to get the job done. If there is a tree with any of the above issues on your property, call A+ Tree & Landscaping today for emergency tree service in Wilmington, NC.

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