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Reasons Tree Trimming Can Prepare Your Yard for the Fall Season

Now that fall has arrived, it is time to begin prepping your landscape for winter. Part of landscape preparations includes tree trimming. Tree trimming is an important part of getting your yard ready for autumn for the following reasons.

Can Remove Safety Hazards

The consequences of falling branches extend well beyond property damage. Falling branches can crush cars, and they can even hurt people and animals. If there are tree branches that are too close to your property, you should call an arborist to have them trimmed. The same is true for branches that are dead because they will not hold up under harsh weather conditions.

Winter storms in this region can bring high winds and freezing rains. When branches accumulate enough ice, this weighs them down. The added weight and the force from the high winds can cause them to break and fall. Dead branches are likely to fall first because they are weaker.

Removing Risks for Trees

Trimming tree branches can also remove risks for trees, and this is especially the case if the branches are dead. Dead tree wood is a breeding ground for pests and fungus, and these can spread to other trees and compromise their health. If the tree containing the otherwise dead branches is healthy enough to be saved, removing the dead branches will ensure that it is not compromised further.

Tree Trimming Is Not a DIY Job

Tree trimming is not a job that you should take on yourself, and it does not matter how much you think you know from watching YouTube videos or reading DIY guides. You should always call a professional arborist because they possess the experience and equipment to get the job done safely as they spend years in school and working under apprenticeships. Arborists are also trained to assess any hazards in the area and handle them properly to minimize risk to any people, animals or property in the vicinity.

Additionally, there are tree trimming recommendations that must also be followed, and arborists will be familiar with all of them. Finally, if there are any tree branches near power lines, arborists will engage the help of the utility company because one wrong move in this situation can prove to be fatal.

With the help of a professional arborist, you can get your yard ready to be a safe place for fun and festive gatherings. If you reside in Wilmington, NC or any of the surrounding areas and need help preparing your yard for the fall, contact A+ Tree & Landscaping for our top-rated trimming and pruning services.

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