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Common Tree Emergencies That Require You to Act Fast

Like all living things, trees can encounter emergencies. When tree emergencies occur, you must get help immediately to avoid costly damage or significant dangers. The following are some common tree problems that require emergency care.

Storm Damage

Trees can suffer storm damage that results from lightning strikes, high winds, and hail. If the damage is not severe enough, an arborist can remove the damaged part of the tree to preserve its life. If the damage is too severe, the tree will need to be removed so it does not pose a danger to nearby people or property.

Storm damage always requires emergency care. Trees that are only partially damaged can rapidly become sick or die if the damaged portions are not removed right away. Also, trees that require removal must be dealt with immediately because they can pose dangers, such as property damage and injury to people and animals.


Like humans and animals, trees can be afflicted with a variety of diseases that can worsen quickly if treatment is not sought. Signs of disease include discolored leaves, distorted foliage, white spots on tree bark and leaves, stunted growth of the leaves, and white masses that look like cotton. Any tree disease constitutes an emergency because the problem will get out of hand quickly if you leave it unchecked. Diseases can spread quickly and result in you losing all your trees, which will be immensely costly.

A Dead Tree

A dead tree is always an emergency. It’s only a matter of time before a dead tree falls over and causes significant property damage or injury to people or animals who are close by.

Insect Infestation

Trees can be infested with a variety of insects that can significantly compromise their health, such as beetles, moths, and termites. Insect infestations can be difficult to treat, hence the reason it is imperative to get help straight away. Failure to rid your trees of insects can eventually result in the death of the affected tree and the infestation spreading to trees that are nearby, which can make fixing this problem extremely costly.

Never attempt to take care of a tree emergency yourself. You risk endangering yourself or others along with potentially damaging nearby property. Always contact a professional arborist because an arborist will have the necessary training and experience to mitigate problems with minimal risk, and the job will be done correctly. Call A+ Tree & Landscaping in Wilmington, NC for emergency tree services today. We can take care of your problematic trees immediately.

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