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Creative Ideas for Your Live Christmas Tree After New Year’s

Having a live Christmas tree looks stunning and promotes a fresh and wonderful atmosphere as the aroma of pine or fir makes your home smell clean. However, few people really know what to do with their tree when the new year arrives. If you have a live tree this Christmas, consider some creative ideas for what you can do after New Year’s Day has passed.

Give Your Tree Back to Nature

Because live Christmas trees were part of the environment before we cut them down and took them home, you can give them back to nature and benefit wildlife. If your home is located near woods, bring your tree there and lean it up against another tree. Get the family together and decorate the tree with pinecone and birdseed ornaments, so birds can have something to eat. Birds and other wildlife that remain during the winter months will welcome the food source since food is scarcer.

Making pinecone and birdseed ornaments is a straightforward process. All you and the children must do is roll the pinecones in peanut butter and coat them with birdseed. If anyone in the family is peanut allergic, use sunflower butter instead. Once the pinecones are coated with birdseed, tie cotton thread around them for hanging. Cotton is useful because it is biodegradable.

Cut the Tree into Pieces for a Bonfire

If you have a nice yard, you can consider having winter bonfires and roast marshmallows with your family. Call an arborist to chop your tree into pieces with an industrial saw and store your logs inside your garage until you are ready to use them.

Do not use any portions of the Christmas tree for kindling in your fireplace inside your home because it is not healthy to burn this wood indoors. The pine needles spark considerably, and this produces a significant amount of smoke. Not to mention the fact that evergreen trees have a high sap content, which will cause a buildup of creosote in both your flue and chimney.

Turn Your Tree into Mulch

Mulch is beneficial for trees that are on your property because it helps them to remain warm during the winter, and it helps with nutrient absorption. Mulch also helps your trees to retain moisture to enable them to thrive. An arborist will come equipped with a woodchipper that can be used for this purpose.

If you want more ideas for repurposing your Christmas tree, consult with an arborist. If you are a resident of Wilmington, NC and need some help disposing of your tree, contact A+ Tree & Landscaping for our first-rate tree removal services.

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