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Broken trees after a storm

5 Facts about Emergency Tree Care

Trees are a good addition to any home – or a welcome presence if they already exist. Regardless of the age of the trees, it’s important to know when to take advantage of emergency tree services in Wilmington, NC. Here, we share five surprising facts about emergency tree services.

1. Older Trees Are 70% More Polluted Than Younger Ones

This doesn’t mean you have to cut down a tree just because of its age. However, if there are older trees on your property that are no longer growing well or not fully alive and productive, calling on tree care pros to remove them makes sense. You can then plant new trees that are healthier and more beneficial for the environment.

2. Leaning Trees May Be Perfectly Fine

A leaning tree doesn’t necessarily need to be taken down. However, if a leaning tree has dead leaves and a damaged trunk, it’s best to have it removed. This is especially true if the tree is near your home or close to power lines.

3. Tree Emergencies Don’t Always Take Place Above Ground

Tree roots are sometimes dangerous if they are too close to sewer lines or underground utilities. In this instance, it’s best to have tree roots professionally removed to prevent sewer line issues and protect utility lines from damage. When done properly, cutting a tree’s roots doesn’t damage the tree.

4. Signs of a Damaged Tree Aren’t Always Obvious

A dying tree needs to be taken down before it falls over. Signs of a dying or decaying tree aren’t always obvious. Some of the less noticeable signs of tree root decay include:

  • Multiple sticks near the tree
  • Peeling, falling bark
  • A suddenly leaning tree
  • Open tree wounds
  • Absence of new leaves on the tree
  • Visible root damage
  • Brittle branches
  • Insects or other pests all over the tree

5. Removed Trees Can Sometimes Become Mulch

If a tree must be removed after a storm, it may be possible to grind some of the branches into mulch. This way the remains of damaged trees can be used to foster new growth in your yard, especially if you plan to plant replacement trees. In some cases, it’s also possible to coat the remains of a tree’s trunk to prevent decay and allow it to become a decorative feature in your yard.

Don’t let tree concerns linger. When you’re dealing with storm damage or other urgent needs, it’s best to act quickly. Reach out to A+ Tree & Landscaping for emergency tree service in Wilmington, NC.

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