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3 Ways Trees Can Help You Save Significant Money

Trees are well known for enhancing a property’s appearance and contributing to a healthier environment. However, nobody considers that trees can provide major cost savings to property owners. Trees can help you enjoy significant savings in three ways.

1. Trees Offer Major Energy Savings

Energy costs are rising. U.S. energy costs are the highest they have been in 41 years, and this is due to inflation. Costs have risen 15.8%, leaving people trying to figure out how they will afford to heat and cool their homes in the coming months. Planting trees in strategic locations around the home can help you save up to 50% in your energy costs. Trees will provide ample shade over your home, so you will not have to run your air conditioner as much. During the winter months, trees will serve as a buffer between your home and the wind, preventing your home from becoming too cold. You can decrease your thermostat, and you will save hundreds in heating costs.

2. Trees Save on Food Costs

Along with rising energy costs, food costs are also rising. Due to inflation, the cost of food has risen 12%. To save some money on food, plant some fruit trees as these can offer a steady source of food for your family if they are well cared for and maintained by professional tree care specialists. Trees will also enrich your soil, enabling you to plant vegetables to increase food options available to you and your family. When you plant your own food, you can lower your food budget because you’re not paying for the overhead costs at grocery stores.

3. Trees Decrease the Risk of Water-Related Property Damage

Water-related property damage is the leading cause for property claims being made. Claims related to water damage cost an average of $11,000 annually. If you plant trees strategically around your home, you reduce the risk of flooding and soil erosion. Tree roots will soak up water, preventing that water from reaching your home. What’s more, tree leaves prevent water from having a hard impact on ground soil, which keeps erosion at bay.

Planting trees offers cost savings in a variety of ways. If you want to make sure the job is done right, consult with a licensed tree care specialist. Licensed tree care specialists are highly trained and will be able to make recommendations that will set you up for success.

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