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Worker cutting a damaged tree branch

Tree Care Sometimes Includes Tree Removal

If you own property that includes trees that are growing old, an eco-friendly extraction may be a wise choice. Removing trees that are showing signs of failure or stress before they fall and damage other plantings can keep your entire yard healthier. Sustainable practices might also include tree removal or the extraction of an invasive species. Sometimes you can mulch it up and return it to the soil.

Age and Disease

Old trees can grow quite brittle. During the hot summers in Wilmington, some older tree varieties can drop branches, causing damage to other plants or even people on your grounds. As they age, trees can suffer damage from high winds and become vulnerable to diseases and pests.

Bring in a professional to look at your older trees. If a tree is too diseased or too badly damaged, it may be necessary to have it removed. If the tree can’t be salvaged, work with your tree removal expert to see what can be used. Perhaps the tree can be cut into firewood that you can use in the future. If your property features steep slopes or bare ground vulnerable to erosion, wood chips can keep the soil stable until another tree can be planted or a groundcover established.

Even Problem Trees Can Have a Second Life

It’s entirely possible that you have a terrific tree in exactly the wrong spot. It leans over your garage, or it drops pods or flowers into your pool in every season. Maybe it has started to impact a section of landscaping you had intended for full sun.

It is possible to extract a problem tree in an eco-friendly manner. If a tree extraction isn’t an emergency, you and your tree professional have time to arrange the extraction in a way that won’t have too big an impact on wildlife. A winter extraction, before birds start building their nests and after the soil is firm, may be most effective.

Look for the Next Generation

If the tree that you have to take out is prolific at producing nuts, industrious squirrels may have “planted” many more of these trees on your property. Keep an eye out for tiny versions of these trees and plant one in a better spot that you can enjoy for years to come.

The goal is to take out your problem tree with as little disruption as possible, both to your property and to the natural world. Find out if the extracted tree can safely be turned into firewood, wood chips, or mulch to benefit the rest of your plantings. If you need to plan an eco-friendly extraction of an old or invasive tree on your Wilmington, NC property, call us at A+ Tree & Landscaping.

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