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A Skilled Arborist Can Help Your Trees Live a Long Life

Trimming your trees in the heat of summer may be a wise choice, depending on the species of tree. Any tree that has suffered storm damage or that is loaded with broken branches will likely need some attention. To make sure that your tree gets the trimming it needs at the best time, you need to talk to a professional.

Benefits of Summer Tree Trimming for Tree Health

A tree that has suffered damage from spring storms or high winds needs a protective trimming. This may be as simple as removing dead branches or as severe as a harsh thrashing of the canopy.

The key is to trim or prune your trees for effective growth while the tree is young. A young tree may flex in strong winds, but an overly thick canopy may suffer serious damage in the event of hurricane-force winds. If you’ve recently purchased a property and have no idea when the trees were trimmed last, a summer pruning may be necessary.

It’s also a good idea to get trees checked for fungi and other diseases. If you notice that leaves are showing signs of browning, stippling, or curling, get an arborist to check the tree. Removing diseased branches in summer may allow trees to resume healthier growth next spring.

Drawbacks of Summer Tree Trimming for Tree Health

Trees spend the summer taking in energy through their leaves so they can grow develop strong winter roots and fresh spring growth. Unless a tree has suffered wind damage from an overcrowded canopy, a summer trimming may not be the healthiest choice.

Your arborist can also check the tree for signs of tearing or breakage after a windstorm. If the bark has been torn, the tree will be vulnerable to insects that will feed on the sap and may damage the tissue deeper inside the tree. This damage will leave your tree vulnerable to insects, bacteria, and fungi. In such cases, a summer pruning and protective treatment may be necessary.

If a young tree has a growth habit that is crowding sidewalks or making it difficult to mow, it may be tempting to cut off low branches. However, a conversation with an arborist is a good idea before you start removing inconvenient growth. What happens to a young tree can have a negative impact on its length of life and overall shape.

Property owners in Wilmington, NC with summer tree trimming concerns can call A+ Tree & Landscaping for expert tips about pruning and protecting their trees for the long term.

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