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Trim Your Trees for a Beautiful Yard This Spring

gardener pruning a tree

During the spring, trees come out of their dormant period to grow new leaves. Now is the perfect time to complement lush green lawns with beautifully trimmed trees. Spring tree trimming will help ensure that new leaves will grow and keep you, your property and your neighbors safe from falling branches. Benefits of Tree Trimming […]

Winter Tree Disasters That Constitute an Emergency

Broken tree trunk and branches

Winter brings its own set of challenges for trees, and emergencies can arise when they face specific disasters during this season. Explore the potential winter tree disasters that may require emergency services below. Ice Storm Damage Ice storms are notorious for encasing trees in thick layers of ice, leading to significant weight on branches. This […]

Removing Dead Trees Before the Holidays Can Be a Wise Move

Lumberjack Cutting a big Tree in the Forest

The holidays are often a busy time, filled with special events. During this season, you’ll want to relax and enjoy being with others, doing the things that bring you joy. Dealing with a fallen tree is not something that you’d want to handle during this season. To prevent anything from happening during the holidays, have […]

Reasons Tree Trimming Can Prepare Your Yard for the Fall Season

Hanging arborist cutting branch with small saw.

Now that fall has arrived, it is time to begin prepping your landscape for winter. Part of landscape preparations includes tree trimming. Tree trimming is an important part of getting your yard ready for autumn for the following reasons. Can Remove Safety Hazards The consequences of falling branches extend well beyond property damage. Falling branches […]

Summer Tree Pruning Tricks That Will Promote Growth

Arborist cutting branches with chainsaw. Action shot, visible saw dust.

While summer is not the ideal time to prune trees, the sunny weather and the inviting breeze often make people think of heading outdoors and completing yard work. Sometimes, that yardwork can include tree maintenance tasks, but before you start cutting down branches, take some time to read over some professional suggestions. Be Careful of […]

Spring Care Tips for Trees

A suburban Midwestern neighborhood street lined with green trees and homes during a sunny day

Spring is a wonderful time of year, full of new growth and the promise of warmer weather. As you prepare your home and yard for the upcoming season, don’t forget to give your trees some attention. Spring cleaning for your trees can help ensure their health and vitality throughout the year. Here are some tips […]

Remember to Protect Your Trees and Shrubs During the Winter

Metal guard mesh protection for animal damaged tree bark

Our winters in Wilmington are relatively mild compared to what our northern neighbors experience, but you still need to look out for your trees and shrubs during the colder months. The winter can actually be a great time for pruning, and there are a few other tasks you can do during this season. This will […]

The Many Reasons Not to Prune Trees This Autumn

Lumberjack roped working at the top of a tree. He is tied by safety lines to the tree and has a chainsaw hanging from his belt. The tree is being felled.

All parts of your Wilmington, NC require ongoing care. As a homeowner, you need to know how to ensure that your home’s trees can thrive all year long. Knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what you should do. That’s why it is important to understand there are many reasons why […]