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Tree Service In Leland, NC

The community of Leland, NC, is fortunate to have the expert services of A+ Tree And Landscape when they need professional tree care. With over 30 years of providing the most dependable and professional tree service in the region, this locally owned family business is the go-to tree resource for tree care, from disease and pest infestation diagnosis and treatment to 24/7 emergency tree services. Under the watchful eye of a master arborist and fourth-generation tree professional, A+ Tree And Landscape focuses on delivering exceptional quality services at fair and affordable prices. Call (910) 507-7273 for a free price estimate or schedule service for your home or commercial property in Leland, NC.

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Vital Tree Removal Information

No homeowner ever wants to think about the cost or hassle of removing a mature tree. However, when you call the arborist guided team at A+ Tree And Landscape, we evaluate the tree and provide options for saving a diseased or damaged tree if removal is not your ideal solution. We strive to offer all possible options and their prices to allow customers to make a well-informed decision about tree removal.

Your Tree Trimming And Pruning Pros

Proper tree trimming and pruning are about more than removing leggy tree branches. At A+ Tree And Landscape, our arborist will evaluate your trees to determine their needs and proceed accordingly. Thinning, shaping, and removing deadwood and suckers are all services that will increase the strength, durability, and longevity of every tree when performed correctly and at the proper time of year. Call (910) 507-7273 to learn more about the benefits of professional trimming and pruning from the experts at A+ Tree And Landscape.

Expert Commercial Tree Services

The trees on your Leland commercial property are some of the most majestic and valuable features in your landscape. In addition, these significant focal points provide insight into the level of care the entire property receives. Professionally maintained trees will create a very positive first impression for potential customers, tenants, and guests of your property. Conversely, trees that are not well maintained can leave guests wondering about the quality of the property. The A+ Tree And Landscape team is ready to help you make a great impression with lush and healthy trees.

Hurricane And Storm Preparation And Cleanup

Hurricanes and intense storms can destroy trees and leave piles of debris throughout your property. The pros AT a+ Tree And Landscape are ready to help with any cleanup after a storm. In addition, we offer complete storm preparation trimming to help prevent costly tree damage and loss when the high winds blow through Leland. And these services are offered 24/7 to eliminate safety hazards on your property as quickly as possible.

Complete Emergency Tree Services

Strong wind from a storm or hurricane can create safety hazards, including fallen or uprooted trees and tree debris littering your yard. However, when the storm passes, homeowners need to know that they can call (910) 507-7273 24/7 for emergency tree care services. Our licensed and insured tree care experts will arrive promptly and eliminate any tree or tree debris that is creating a safety concern at your Leland home.